Greater Technology, Great Humanity: Social Good Summit 2018

Within just 15 minutes of conversation, the Social Good Summit saw what can feel like isolating experiences transform into universal ones. As we celebrate the impact of technological social good, the Summit also reminds us of the power of dialogue and personal connection that help us address traditionally-stigmatized topics ranging from sex education to mental health.

Kicking things off in the day’s opening session was New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who made her first U.S. public appearance on the Summit stage to address early childhood development. Despite motherhood being a shared experience by women across the world, the mental, emotional, and physical effects often go unaddressed and can have lasting a impact on newborns. Having recently returned to work from a six-week parental leave herself, Ardern has been leading by example as she lives out the cultural change she wishes to see.

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